TestControl: The New Freedom in Testing

The TestControl software package acts as the user Interface for the digital control system EU3000D. It runs on a standard windows computer with suitable capacity and is connected to the RTC Computer by a standard Ethernet Network.

The TestControl software package includes:

  • Hardware configuration
    Allows to configure all the hardware modules and the communication parameters of the system
  • Project configuration
    Configures the test station, all the signals, the controllers, digital filtering and user defined formula calculated signals
  • Test sequence configuration
    Configures the block loading sequence with cyclic signals, ramp signals and road load data profiles. Also configures event driven test sequences.
  • Scopes and meters
    Displays all signals as time charts, x-y-Charts, fft amplitude charts and in numerical tables. Tables also display the absolute max/min values of the signals or the amplitude and the offset of the signals
  • Limit and event detectors
    Allows to set a hard and a soft limit on every signal in the project. Reaction on limits can be adjusted.
  • Data acquisition
    Allows to set up multiple data acquisition rules for usage in the loading sequence. Parallel usage of multiple data acquisitions in one block is possible.
  • Manual operation panel
    Allows to switch on the actuators of the test station and to move them to their working positions. Automatic sequences in manual operation panel allows comfortable switch on of complex test rigs.