Service Load Simulation ITRMPro


ITRMPro is an add-on module to TestControl for replaying road load data on the test rig. ITRM uses a frequency domain approach for generating optimized drive signals for random or road load data.

ITRMPro is easy to learn and easy to use. It is the most cost efficient system in the market.

It comes with the following features:

Signal Handling

  • Import and export of all important file formats (RPCIII, IST Rigsys, DIADEM as native file Formats)
  • Tapering, scaling, offset correction, changing of sample rate
  • Combining target signal sets from different files
  • Easy asigning of target signals to ITRM test rig channels

Generation of Identification Signals

  • White or shaped noise
  • PSD and ASD spectra
  • Ident. signal file import
  • Mixture from noise and imported files

System Model Building and Manipulation

  • Handling of square and non square matrices
  • Individual bandwith for each signal
  • Overlaying of identification model with model build from iteration
  • Smoothing of models
  • Support for non-linear systems


  • Many options for displaying target response and drive signals in time or frequncy domain
  • Ordinary, partial and multiple partial coherence display
  • Convergence as max error, RMS error, absolute and relative damage
  • Freely definable presets of multi chart displays