TCM_Elastomer, TestControl Add-On Module for Testing of Elastomer Materials and Components

Elastomer Test is an add-on module for the basic TestControl software.

It extends TestControl with functions for an easy set up of typical tests for elastomer or rubber materials to determine the characteristics of those specimen.

Typical characteristic values are for example loss angle, dynamic stiffness or work.


  • Support for single and multichannel tests
  • Static and dynamic tests, free oscillation tests
  • Tests with variable amplitude, preload and sideloads
  • User editable formulas for test evaluation (usual formulas are predefined)
  • Possibility of automatic batch processing incl. creation of protocols and export of datafiles
  • Editable layouts for pdf protocols and for ASCII export
  • Automatic phase and stiffness calibration using a calibration specimen.

Elastomer Screenshots