TCM_Damper, TestControl Add-On Module for Testing Dampers and Struts

TCM_Damper is a TestControl add-on module for user friendly definition and evaluation of damper or strut tests. It is fully integrated in the TestControl software.

It supports static testing for friction and gas force evaluation and dynamic testing to measure the damping characteristics with multiple speeds.

Multiple test methods and different tests can be combined into a batch and ran automatically.

Test evaluation can be tuned, e.g. using the force at maximum speed, at dynamic zero position or using the absolute max. force.

TCM_Damper supports tolerance curves for the peak force vs. peak velocity curves.

TCM_Damper can be used within a durability test schedule for frequently measuring the damping behaviour.

The unique test result browser allows to graphically compare the curves of different dampers by their characteristic curves.

For online evaluation, the force vs. displacement, force vs. velocity and peak force vs. peak velocity curves are available.

TCM_Damper supports additional control channels, e.g. for applying a side load or for controlling active dampers via an analogue or digital output or by a CAN bus or FlexRay interface.

All Settings can be stored on the hard disk for further use.

TCM_Damper can automatically print out protocols in different layouts.

TCM_Damper combined with Inova damper testing machines is the ideal tool for damper testing and evaluation in QA and R&D environments.