Load frames Series FU

Series FU load frames for installation of hydraulic actuators are intended for dynamic and static loading and they are delivered with hydraulic or mechanical control of the upper cross beam fixing. Shifting of the upper beam is hydraulic at both types of frames. Frames are ready for the installation of AH and AG hydraulic actuators.

Series FU load frames are available in many different and customized configurations.

Download FU datasheet

Load Frames

Load frames are available in many different sizes and versions.

You can choose whether the cylinder will be mounted in the machine table or in the crosshead.

The machine table can be enlarged and equipped with t-slots fo easy specimen fixation.

For the load frames there are a lot of accessories available.

Custom Made Load Frame

Custom made load frame with actuator mounted in the crosshead.

Load frame capacity 63kN

Cylinder capacity 25kN, 100mm stroke.

Hydraulic lifts and screw clamping, piston rod mounted load cell and compresson plates

250 kN Load Frame

Picture shows an example of a 250 kN load frame with cylinder mounted in the cross head. machine table is equipped with t-slots for easy specimen and accessories fixation. The load frame has reinforced stiffness for testing composite material specimen.