Hydraulic Power Packs Series HU

Series HU hydraulic power packs supply high precision servohydraulic test rigs with hydraulic energy. Pressure generation is done by a pressure controlled radial piston pressure pump with automatic adaptation of the flow according to the actual requirement.

System pressure is adjustable and displayed on a manometer. During start up, the pump runs without pressure in a hydraulic short cut. Series HU power packs are equipped with filters for high and low pressure with clogging indicators.

The cooling of the oil is done by oil/water heat exchanger. Water flow and pressure are monitored. Air cooling is available as an option.

Hydraulic and electric safety circuits monitor pressure, temperature and oil level.

Series HU hydraulic power packs can be connected to a bigger array of power packs. Tank connection flanges are a standard feature.

The electric controller can be used in stand alone operation as well as remotely controlled from a central power pack controller for multiple power packs.



Download HU data sheet


Start-stop-valves or substations are located between hydraulic power supply or pipeline system and the actuator or the testing machine.

A substation is combined by a stand, the start-stop-valve modules and if necessary buffer accumulators on the stand.

Series PB start-stop-valves have three stages:

  • Off
  • Low Pressure with reduced flow
  • High with full pressure and full flow

The start-stop-valves are designed to have a bumpless start of the actuator by defined ramping up of the pressure.

Series PB start-stop-valves are available for nominal flow rates of 63 l/min, 130 l/min, 250 l/min and 630 l/min.


Download PB data sheet

Pipeline Systems

Pipeline systems distribute the oil from a central power pack station to the consuming test rigs.

Servo hydraulic test rigs have special requirements on the pipeline systems because of the purity and the pressure oscillations and the high dynamic flow rate in the system.

Inova pipeline systems are especially tailored for your servo hydraulic testing laboratory. Pre-cleaned welded pipelines, buffer accumulators, electrical pressure relief systems and mounting in vibration isolation elements are standard with these Systems.