Structure of the EU3000 Control System

Core element of the EU3000RTC is the RTC Real Time Control Unit. The RTC processes the input and output signals, calculates the PID loop and runs the test sequence.

The RTC unit interfaces the I/O Frames with the I/O modules and the User PC. All real-time tasks are carried out in the RTC. The user PC is only for setting the parameters and for visualisation of the signals.

The I/O Base Frames accommodate a 1GB raw Ethernet interface to the RTC and carrie the I/O modules. The I/O modules act as interfaces to the test rig.

Communication between RTC unit, I/O Base Frame, I/O Modules and user PC are supervised by watchdog functions. If communication is disturbed, the system runs in a safe state.

Safety-related functions like emergency stop functions are realized in hardware by PilZ PNOZ relays. These functions directly cut the current to the start/stop valve solenoids or other drive systems without the need of interaction from the RTC-Unit.