Digital Control System EU3000 RTC

The EU3000D is the newest generation of digital measuring and control systems. Its fully modular design allows the most flexible set up for all test applications from a simple single channel test rig up to complex cross coupled 32-channel full vehicle simulators.

The multistation/multiuser capabilities allow it to control several independent test rigs from one control system.

A wide range of different universal and specialized I/O modules like signal conditioners or analogue inputs and outputs and servo outputs makes the EU3000RTC usable with any test rig. It is the first choice for new test rigs as well as for upgrading your existing test rig to 21st century technology.

24Bit AD Resolution and 10kHz loop update rate not scaling down with the number of channels results in unprecedented accuracy in measurement and control.

The seamless integration of CAN bus and FlexRay signals from specimen ECUs allows realistic testing of modern car and truck components.

The usage of proven industrial standards and concepts results in excellent reliability.

With the modular, powerful and easy to use software TestControl, a test rig and test set up is a task of minutes.

Download data sheet EU3000RTC


The EU3000D Control Sytems is available in several versions. It starts from small desktop cases for the control of two or four actuators and goes up to control racks for 36 and more cylinders.

Functionality is the same in all versions. Differences are in the power supply, the I/O cards, the size of the cabinet and the number of frames carrying the I/O Cards.