Hydrostatic Bearing Linear Actuators Series AH

Series AH hydraulic actuators are double acting actuators with hydrostatic bearings, best for dynamic material and component testing. The actuators have hydrostatic bearings for no friction and no hysteresis operation up to their nominal load. Additional plastic coating ensures no damaging of the bearings if the nominal side load is exceeded. The system pressure for the Series AH actuators is 280 bar. The actuator will reach its nominal load at 250 bar. The actuators have an integrated displacement transducer for measuring the piston rod position.

Download AH datasheet

Hydrostatic bearing linear actuators Series AS

The Series AS actuators are identical to the actuators of the aforementioned Series AH except for the mechanical interfaces (lower flange, upper flange, piston rod etc.) which are 100% compatible to Schenck/IST Series PL actuators.

Download AS Datasheet

Special and Customized Actuators

Aside from our standard linear and rotary actuators, Inova delivers special custom actuators for every application. Even high speed actuators with a piston velocity up to 20 m/s, high capacity actuators with meganewtons of force or special long stroke actuators with 10 m of stroke.

Please ask us about your application.

The photo shows a 150 kN actuator for impact testing with a velocity of more than 9 m/s. Hydraulic pressure for the impact comes from big hydraulic accumulators directly attached to the actuator body.