Servovalve Manifolds

Servovalve manifolds are the interface between actuator and servovalve. The servovalve manifolds are adapted to the size of the actuator, the stroke and the required oil flow to the actuator.

Servovalve manifolds carry the servovalves, the hydraulic accumulators for pressure and return and additional accessories like multivalves, damping plates or delta-p transducers.

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Typically Inova uses 2-stage and 3-stage servovalves by Moog. For flow rates of up to 250 l/min we recommend up to 4 parallel 2-stage Moog servovalves with mechanical feedback of the spool position. For special demands we also use servovalves with electric feedback or other types of servovalves or servo-proportional valves.

For higher flow rates above 250 l/min we uses 3-stage Moog servovalves. Series 791 and 792 servovalves. These servovalves are available with flow rates of up to 1000 l/min.

In any case, Inova will choose the right servovalve for your application.



Multivalves Series SM

Series SM multivalves are security elements for protecting actuator and specimen from excessive loads. They offer the following functions:

The actuator is protected by a hydraulic short cut between the actuator chambers when the pressure difference exceeds 150% of the nominal pressure.

  • Adjustable load limitation through adjustment of the pressure difference between 3% and 100% of the actuator's nominal load.
  • Fast unloading function for limiting the pressure difference to 1% of the nominal load of the actuator. The hydraulic shortcut between the actuator chambers also prevents bumps at the start up of the actuator.

The load (pressure difference) is adjusted manually at the multivalve and activated electrically by the controller.

Series SM multivalves are available as standard components for nominal flow rates from 63 l/min up to 1000 l/min. Higher flow rates on request.

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