Ball Joints Series JB

Backlash free Series JB ball joints are ideal connection elements for dynamic testing in conjunction with servo hydraulic actuators from Series AH or AG.

Ball joints are used to protect actuators from unwanted side loads, while oscillating loads are applied to the test object. The ball Joints allow rotating of the test object. The nominal angle of Series JB ball joints is +/- 20° in each axis.

Nominal loads on connection flanges are adapted to the testing actuators of our Series AH, AG, and AS, as well as for the Schenck Series PL actuators.

Series JB ball joints are available for 5 to 400 kN. Special customized versions adapted to your needs are also available.

Download JB data sheet

Cardan Joints Series JC

Series JC cardan joints are used in case of nonaxial loading chains. They are usually mounted in couple. The first joint is mounted to the lower flange of the hydraulic actuator and the second joint to the piston rod. Cardan joints allow for 8° bending in all directions. They are used for tensile and pressure loading. Cardan joints are free of play and have a long life span.
The lower flange of a joint is mounted to a foundation block or to a loaded object.  The upper flange of a joint can be mounted either to the lower flange of an actuator, to a load cell or to the piston rod of an actuator. The cardan joint can be directly mounted to the lower flange of Series AG and AH hydraulic actuators and to load cells up to JC 160. For mounting to load cells from 250 kN and to piston rods there are adapter plates. Series JC cardan joints are available for nominal loads of 25 to 1000 kN.

Download JC datasheet

Hydrostatic Cardan Joints

For special applications like high frequency and small movements, series JC cardan joints are also available with hydrostatic bearings instead of needle bearings. 

Hydrostatic cardan joints are customized for specific needs. They are available with different nominal axial loads and torque. Connection flanges will be adapted to your test rig equipment.

Ball Joints Series JBS

JBS ball joints are used for connecting the hydraulic actuator to the test specimen either in case of a changing angle between the axis of the actuator and the axis of the specimen or in case of a need to compensate bending moments. The JBS ball joints are backlash-free. The maximal dynamic loading is ±80% of the ball joint's nominal load.

The backlash-free ball joints JBS are suitable for tensile and compression loading. The bearing of the joint has a plastic coating for minimal friction and maximal service life. We offer two modifications of the JB ball joint. The modifications differ in the dimensions of their interface to the cylinder. The second interface (used for the connection to the test specimen) is the same for all versions.

Series JBS ball joints are available for nominal loads from 50 kN up to 1000 kN.

Download JBS data sheet

Hydraulic Wedge Grips Series GD

Series GD hydraulic wedge grips are used for dynamic and static testing of cylindric or flat specimen.

GD grips allow quick and simple fixing of specimens. Specimens are inserted from the side. The exchangeable jaws are available for cylindric and flat specimens.

Smaller hydraulic wedge grips up to GD 100 use a nominal pressure of 28 MPa one hydraulic power pack can be used for oil supply of the actuator and the wedge grips. The hydraulic control block HD-GD is used for the control of the grips.

Hydraulic wedge grips GD 160 and greater use a nominal pressure of 63 MPa. The high pressure hydraulic power pack GOH is used for the control of these grips.

Download GD datasheet