Dynamic and Static Rotor Blade Bending Test

The picture shows a static test on a rotor blade. Loading is done by servohydraulic actuators with strokes of up to 10 m. Tip deflection of up to 20 m is done by translating the stroke using a pulley gear ratio 1:2.

In total five actuators are involved in bending the rotor blade.

Special Inova developed hydraulic circuits ensure safety even in case hydraulic power fails. In this case a special unloading procedure is started to release the energy from the bent blade.

Photo by Fraunhofer IWES

Bearing Test Rig

Test rig for main bearings of wind turbines.

  • Axial force app.14 MN
  • Camber torque app. 20 MNm
  • Radial force app. 2 MN
  • Hydrostatic bearings for the upper loading plate for friction measurement
  • Bearing diameter up to 3.5 m