Bogie Testing

Inova delivers turn key bogie test solutions with up to 32 channels of action on the bogie.

Beyond the application of linear loads, Inova also delivers units for turning wheel bogie testing. Inova delivers and builds the foundation block, the portal frames and the mechanical adapters for your bogie frame, the hydraulic power supply station with the pipeline system, the cylinders and the controllers.

The powerful Inova software TestControl and ITRM Pro can decrease testing time by 75%.

The modal control approach allows to reproduce loads in a more easy and realistic way.

Wheelset Rotating Bending Test Rig

Test rig for rotating bending fatigue life testing of railway vehicle wheel sets.

Specimen is the wheel with the axle. The test rig applies a rotating bending vector generated by an unbalance exciter on top of the wheel axle. The exciter operates close to the bending resonance frequency of the wheel set, so low exciter forces generate a big bending moment in the specimen.

The loading of the specimen can be controlled by accelerometers at the top of the exciter, displacement transducers measuring the bending of the specimen, and up to ten strain gauge applications at the specimen for direct control of strain or stress in the specimen.

Testing frequency is around 20 Hz. It can be changed by additional masses to the exciter changing the natural frequency of the system.


The system is equipped with a manually operated cylinder and a high precision load cell for calibration of the strain gauge applications.

Testing System for Rail fixations

Testing system for rail fixations consisting of a large width portal frame between the columns with a crosshead mounted 200 kN, 200 mm stroke AH actuator. An additional 100 kN actuator is mounted on a bracket to allow dual axis loading of a specimen. Typical specimens are rail clamps and screws, rail vibration isolations and track switches. The system consists of the standard Inova components AH Actuators, JB Ball Joints, HU Hydraulic Power Pack, PB Start-Stop-Valves and EU3000RTC Digital Measuring and Control System.

Train Door Testing System

Testing system for simulating the aerodynamic forces acting on train doors when two high speed trains are passing each other or travelling through tunnels. The forces on the doors are applied by vacuum plates. This allows decoupling the loading units from the doors to enable open and closing the doors.

Testing sofware allows the replay of real measured air pressure curves by using TestControl and ITRMPro Software.

Wheel Bending Fatigue Testing Systems

Secondary Suspension Testing System

Tiltable Railway Damper Test Rigs

Railway dampers are ofted mounted in a horizontal or tilted position. The internal design of these dampers also requires testing in service position.

For that application Inova developed a damper testing machine with a load frame that is adjustable to any position between 0° and 90° deg.

  • Nom. load: 63 kN
  • Tilting: 0° up to 90°
  • Testing velocity: up to 3 m/s
  • Active crosshead clamping
  • Hydraulic crosshead unclamping