2-Axis Component Test Rig

Two-axis component test rig for durability testing of axle rubber bushings. The test rig consists of a Series AT rotary actuator and a Series AH linear actuator.

Servopneumatic Pedal Test Rig

Servopneumatic test rig for durability and functional testing of gas, brake and clutch pedal.

Loading is done by three servopneumatic actuators. The whole test rig is designed for operation in a climatic chamber at temperatures from -40°C to +90°C.

Passenger Car 4-Poster

4-poster test rigs are used for durability testing, vibration and harshness testing and for general analytic and subjective noise and vibration analysis.

Inova delivers 4 Poster testing systems in many variations for small and light passenger cars up to truck, trailer and agriculture vehicles.

The easy to use software TestControl in combination with the iteration software ITRMpro allows easy and fast test setup, configuration and run.

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Tractor Test Rig

Tire coupled road simulator with additional axial and lateral forces for heavy vehicles like trucks or agricultural vehicles.

The vehicle is placed on four vertical actuators and forces are applied through the tires. Inner loop control is done in position mode of the actuators, outer loop control feedback are acceleration at the knuckles.

For the vertical actuators our Series AH actuators with reinforced sideload capacity are used.



Wheelbase and track width are comfortably adjustable by the use of hand wheels and scales on X-Y adjustment units under each actuator. Electric adjustment units are also available.


Half Shaft Testing

Half shaft durability test rig with four Series AT4 and AT6 rotary actuators. For saving laboratory space, the actuators are arranged on two levels.

Steering Gear Testing Systems

At Inova we have a a lot of experience with steering testing systems. Our systems can be used for durability as well as for measuring the functional parameters of steering gears.

Prerequisite for modern steering gear testing is the control of the steering gears ECU via the CAN or FLEXRAY communication bus.

Inova has CAN and FlexRay communication integrated in the kernel of the EU3000 RTC real time software. This concept allows a seamless integration of rest bus simulation and acquisition of ECU internal data synchronously with the test sequence and the test rig loading signals.