Inova - Your Supplier for Servohydraulic Testing Systems


Whether you need a simple component to complement your test rig or you are thinking about a complex multi channel system, our consultants will help you. Our consultants team has a lot of experience with various servohydraulics applications and will advise you and help you prepare an optimised solution for your task.


For optimal use and best availability of your servohydraulic testing systems, Inova offers complete and competent service work. Quick reaction time and low prices are a given at Inova.
Our service is also able to conduct calibration for you. In this case we use German DKD transfer standards.
The service work is not limited to our products. We are also working on other systems.
If necessary we are able to transfer your test rig from one place to another. This includes complete logistics like trucks for transport, forklifts for handling, disassembly, assembly and initial operation.
As an additional service we can retrofit your linear or rotary actuators, regardless of the manufacturer. The retrofit includes crack testing, new plastic coating, chrome-plating the piston rod, painting and final testing under pressure.

The Company

Inova is located in the centre of Europe.

We have more than 40 years of experience in the field of servohydraulic testing systems. With our colleagues from Prague, we are at the service of our customers. Agencies all over the world are ready to take care of all your needs.

Our components and system solutions are used in research and development as well as in quality assurance laboratories. This determines the properties and lifetime of your material and / or your components.