General Torsional Testing

Example of a test setup with a Series AT rotary cylinder for testing metal specimen.

Dynamic Torsion Test Rig 64 kNm

Dynamic ship clutch torsion test rig for durability and characterisation of elastomer ship couplings. Measurement of dynamic loss angle and dynamic stiffness up to 50 Hz loading frequency.

Nom. torque 64 kNm

Nom. angle +/- 50°

Half Shaft Testing

Half shaft durability test rig with four Series AT4 and AT6 rotary actuators. For saving laboratory space, the actuators are arranged on two levels.

Static Torsion Test Rig

Quasi-static torsional test rig for testing of various components. Electrically driven with a servo motor and a planetary gear.

Nom. torque +/-200 Nm
Nom. angle +/-360°
Distance between flanges 200 - 800 mm

The picture shows a torsional test on a car's glove box.

4-Square Propeller Shaft Testing System

So called 4 square test rigs are made of two gear boxes, linked with the specimen shafts. One of the gear boxes has a rotating actuator integrated to generate the torque in the rotation shafts. The upper picture shows a test rig for a light truck propeller shaft where the middle unit moves vertically to simulate the movement of the rear axle.