Steering Gear Testing Systems

At Inova we have a a lot of experience with steering testing systems. Our systems can be used for durability as well as for measuring the functional parameters of steering gears.

Prerequisite for modern steering gear testing is the control of the steering gears ECU via the CAN or FLEXRAY communication bus.

Inova has CAN and FlexRay communication integrated in the kernel of the EU3000 RTC real time software. This concept allows a seamless integration of rest bus simulation and acquisition of ECU internal data synchronously with the test sequence and the test rig loading signals.

Retrofitting Existing Steering Gear Test Rigs with Inova Technology

Inova retrofits your existing steering test rig with the latest control technology based on our EU3000-RTC System.

So also older test rigs from other suppliers benefits from the new control technologies, CAN bus and FlexRay integration.

If necessary we also will retrofit the drives of your test rig with our Series AH hydrostatic bearing actuators and modern electric servo drives for the steering shaft movement

5-Channel Dynamic Steering Test Rig

5-channel highly dynamic steering test rig for service load simulation and function measurements with temperature chamber and steering rod integrated load cells. Flexray and CAN bus interface for direct control of the steering gear┬┤s ECU out of the test sequence.

Steering Wheel Fatigue Test Rig

Durability test rig for steering wheels.

  • Nom. Stroke 120 mm
  • Nom. Force +/- 5 kN
  • Series AH hydrostatic bearing linear actuator
  • Inertia Compensation of the load cell
  • Series JB backlash free ball joints

Steering Shaft Test Rig

Electrically driven test rig for rotation testing of steering shafts. Fully adjustable angles of the steering shafts.