6 DOF Shaking System

Six degree of freedom vibration simulation system for durability testing and modal analysis on truck and trailer cooling systems.

The system's mechanical structure is flexibly configurable to be adapted to different specimen geometries.

The system replays real-time test track measured 6 DOF acceleration data by using high performance AH actuators, EU3000 digital control system, test control software and ITRM Pro service load simulation software.

Convertible Vertical/Horizontal Shaking System

The picture shows a high load shaker system to be used as a vertical or horizontal shaker. For horizontal operation the actuator is tilted 90┬░ and coupled to a hydrostatic bearing slipping table. For vibration isolation the system is equipped with its own seismic mass bedded on air springs. Therefore there is no need for a special foundation.

Horizontal Shaking Table

Horizontal shaking table driven by a 160 kN AH actuator, equipped with linear bearings. Stroke 250 mm.

Earthquake Simulators

The picture shows a six degrees of freedom shaking table for earthquake simulation or general vibrition testing on electronic components.

Inova designs these test rigs according to your demands on stroke, acceleration, frequency and specimen mass.