Hexapod Test Rigs

The new Inova servohydraulic hexapod test rig offers high performance, high dynamic forces and motion simulation in six degrees of freedom.
The unique design with hydrostatic bearing linear actuators, no backlash and low friction ball joints results in highly dynamic and highly accurate control of position and force.

This makes it the perfect tool for vibration and service load simulation.

Instead of single-axis control, the platform is operated via hard real time multi-axis control. Solving of input signal equations and calculation of servo signals is therefore done in hard real time with a loop update rate of 10 kHz.

Sales Germany
Mr. Carlos Fonseca

Email: fonseca(at)inova-gmbh.com

Main features at a glance:

  • Hydrostatic bearing fatigue rated linear actuators
  • Special low weight non backlash and low friction ball joints
  • Low inertia, high stiffness table
  • High speed, hard real-time control of the motion modes with virtual pivot point
  • Position, acceleration and force feedback control
  • EU3000 Control and TestControl Software
  • Cost  effective solution
  • Very small footprint and space consumption