• Dynamic testing of elastomer materials and components

  • Determination of loss angle, dynamic stiffness, loss work and much more
  • Static testing with multi window stiffness evaluation
  • Free oscillation resonance test
  • Durability testing


Inova servohydraulic testing systems are specialised for high frequency elastomer testing.
Experience with testing systems up to 1000 Hz and retrofits of different third party systems in combination with our electronics and software solutions are the reason for our excellent reputation in this area.
High performance combined with reliability and user friendly operation are benefits highly appreciated by our customers.


Inova elastomer testing systems consist of a specially designed highly stiff load frame with crosshead integrated hydrostatic bearing supported actuator, special high performance digital control electronics and a wide range of software modules to run the tests.
The whole system concept, a resonance free loading frame and a unique measuring system in combination with our software, offers unmatched results accuracy.

Loading Unit

The loading unit's mechanical design is the result of using state of the art technologies like FEM optimisation, and modal analysis in combination with 40 years of experience in the design of dynamic testing systems.

Measuring Systems

High frequency elastomer testing requires special measuring systems. The total load to the specimen is composed of a static portion measured by a pressure transducer in the actuator chambers and a dynamic part measured by a piezo electric load cell.
Displacement is measured by an actuator integrated LVDT and an accelerometer at the piston rod.
Load cell signals are compensated by accelerometers to avoid vibration effects to measurements.

Controller and Software

Elastomer testing systems are controlled by our EU3000 control hardware and the TestControl software with a special software module for elastomer testing. The elastomer software module makes it easy to programm and run tests.

Software Module Elastomer Testing

Easy set up of a static and a dynamic frequency sweep test

Typical protocol of a frequency sweep test with loss angle and dynamic stiffness.

Calibration bar for the dynamic phase calibration of the system.